THE STORY OF  WHAT HAPPENS WHEN TWO PEOPLE in love decide to gift something precious to each other unaware of what is in store for them individually is indeed a moving one and it was titled The Gift of the Magi by the American short story writer O. Henry (whose other equally famous story The Last Leaf was the basis of a well-received Hindi film Lootera).  On the face of it, the gifts exchanged have no use for the characters in the story but it  captured beautifully the true nature of love.  

THE COMMERCIALIZATION OF THE SIMPLE ACT of giving presents on Valentine’s Day has however assumed feverish proportions be it in Pollachi or Pittsburgh. The heartwarming act of giving and receiving presents is now subliminally escalated to a level where the intensity of love is probably measured by the monetary value of the gift or service purchased on this blessed day.  The fact that it is entirely possible and in fact necessary to gift intangibles to the persons who matter to us is rarely discussed.  It is not even assumed.

IT IS INDEED RELATIVELY EASY FOR ANYONE TO walk into a store and pay cash or use one’s credit card and buy something that one knows would be liked by a dear one.  While one wouldn’t belittle the effort as a relatively easy one, it is actually considerateness that is the greatest gift that persons truly in love with each other can mutually exchange.  And considerateness is demonstrated by the sheer presence for the other in case of need, a shoulder to cry on, the faith that one will not let the other down, the sharing of both joys and sorrow, and the total acceptance of the other – warts and all (not because it is inevitable as one has got oneself locked into the relationship) – which is absolute and unconditional.  

CONSIDERATENESS (BESIDES TRUST) IS THE FOUNDATION of all relationships – be it conjugal or amorous.   When it exists always, there is no need for a frenzied celebration on February 14 every year as the persons in love truly look forward to each other’s companionship every day until death removes one from the other.   

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