About Me

PRADEEP GOPALAN, BORN IN KANNUR, Kerala, holds bachelor‘s degrees in commerce and law.  His professional career  has been spent in Mumbai, New Delhi, Singapore, Kuwait, and Dubai in shipping and financial services. 

IN DECEMBER 1982 WHEN  Pradeep Gopalan bought his 165-litre refrigerator from the proceeds of a prize winning essay “Why I Love Bombay” published by The Evening News of India (the now defunct evening paper from the Times of India stable), he briefly entertained the possibility that one could live by writing! But the need to “keep the wolf away from the door” and the world of shipping and financial services lured him away from the world of letters.  He still wonders how T.S. Eliot working in a bank and Wallace Stevens selling insurance could produce literary masterpieces and he remains envious of novelists Sethumadhavan and Mukundan who have left an indelible impression in Malayalam literature while working as senior professionals in banking and diplomatic service respectively, from 9 to 5.

HIS FIRST SHORT STORY Sundari Raman’s To Do List had made it to the final short list when sulekha.com commenced its regular autumn short story contest several years ago.  He began blogging in August 2013.

AFTER WORKING FOR MORE THAN THREE DECADES under the tyranny of a  9 to 5 office routine, (and many times beyond these hours), Pradeep Gopalan now believes that he has at last attained “freedom from a job” to pursue writing full time.  He lives in Mumbai.