Why This Blog

A TYPICAL DAY  in our lives may invariably seem bound, as the cliche goes, by the tyranny of routine. Yet, if we care to be mindful, everything that we encounter – however seemingly ordinary – has its own richness that is actually life-enhancing.  A news item that may have caught your attention at page 10 of today’s paper, a casual remark made by a dear one at home, a strain of music that you cared to hear on your way to work or when bound homeward, a unique turn-of-the phrase used by a colleague at work, a random nugget of a fact that you mined in what was just another day at office, a challenge thrown at you, a lingering whiff of perfume that you inhaled as you got into the elevator today, an interesting incident at school that your child narrated to you after an impatient wait, something that made you lose your cool (read something that actually manipulated your feelings) – all have their lessons.  By the time you have hit the pillow and woken up next morning, a whole array of different experiences awaits you  – surrounding, in all probability, the same persons and objects that you encounter day after day !
THIS BLOG will attempt to chronicle and share the extra ordinariness that actually permeates our seemingly ordinary lives. It will share the excitement, take notice, draw your attention to, invite your thoughts, and sometimes vent anger and frustration in a bid to understand better the life that unfolds day after day.  It will make an honest attempt to “reveal the familiar”. It will have succeeded if it brings a smile of bemused understanding on your face, dear reader, as you read the thoughts that leave my mind on to this space for sharing.
SOME THINGS on this page will have doubtless occurred to others and some things given expression to, probably for the first time.  Authorship of any sort, a writer once remarked, is a fantastic indulgence of the ego.  To me, personally, it is the unburdening of something that has universal relevance.
COME, JOIN ME in looking at the world along with a cuppa – this may indeed kick start your day !

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