SOMETIMES ONE WONDERS IF THE INDIAN obsession with muhurthams (the most auspicious time frames) and rahukaalams (time periods to avoid) is not entirely without foundation.  At the end of the day, these timings are computed with reference to the planetary system and considering the fact that Earth is itself a planet, the calculation of timings may have something to do with universal interdependence although rationalists would dismiss this as a piece of mumbo-jumbo.  A friend tells me that he tied the marital knot 30 years ago strictly adhering to the auspicious time frame and that his marriage has survived only because of this.  I would not be surprised however if there are examples where marriages conducted in strict adherence to astrological stipulations have also failed.  In an entirely different context, I remember dealing with a client’s request that the execution of loan documents be completed surely between 5.30 and 6.00 pm on a particular day.  To the best of my knowledge, he paid his loans on time and the bank I worked for was quite happy.

REGARDLESS OF THE ASTROLOGICAL IMPERATIVES, in our day to day lives we do need to get our timings right.  I must say that this is not a breeze.  Some do it instinctively, others by trial and error and yet others always get in wrong.  It ultimately boils down to efficient time management. I am either very early or too late for an appointment although I try my best to avoid being late.  Some have actually mastered the art of being on time – neither too early or fashionably late but on the dot and I envy them.  I know a person who will adamantly stick to her schedule and make no changes to it and while I thought that she was being difficult  I got to know later that she always factored in all the elements involved before committing a time frame.  Once committed, one could always trust her to deliver what was expected of her.

A LOT OF HOMEWORK GOES INTO DECIDING the right time for release of a film, the launch of a book, a new product or a service.  If one has got it wrong it would take a while to recover not only the financial loss but also the opportunity to time it better is probably lost forever. Even if a particular product or service  is strong on fundamentals there is also the extra edge to be gained by its timely launch or introduction.  It is not for nothing that Aamir or Sharukh Khan defer their film releases.

NO ONE TIMES IT BETTER THAN NATURE, OF COURSE !  One has only to observe the change of seasons which occur with such spectacular regularity except in cases where man has messed things up ecologically. Right timing as far as we mortals go, is the consequence of an acute awareness of one’s own surroundings, one’s own homework as well as the respect one has for another’s time.  The presence of these elements enables one to sail through one’s daily schedules smoothly – else it would only be a transition from one chaos to another. 

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