At first,

always inside

a labyrinth:

no entry or exit in sight,

merely a position,

a universe in itself

assigned when born

in order to survive.


That said,

the limits of the position

could be outgrown

or breached,

not with impunity

but with a madness

in method

that moves the paradigm.

Some do it early,

some do it late,

many others just get

dislodged and forgotten.


All one needs to have,


is the sense of where one is,

and secondly,

where one wants to be.

The blazing heat

of absolute focus

will overcome all the forces

pulling one down,

and ably negotiate one

out of the labyrinth,

and before long,

the world is at one’s feet,

at one’s beck and call,

so to speak.


p26 (c) pradeep gopalan


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