Ants are few in our midst,

but grasshoppers aplenty.

The fix for today

is what matters:

tomorrow be damned.

Who wants to see the horizon ?

It appears illusory anyway.

Precedents are precious

and customs sacrosanct:

being as is matters.

Tick the boxes,

do the filings,

and go through

necessary motions:

all for the sake of form.

Life meanwhile

transits from one quarter

to the next

and in the blinking of an eye

“I’ll Be Gone/You’ll Be Gone”*

So why bother


the status quo ?

*The poem was inspired by Manish Sabharwal’s brilliant piece titled “The Great Bank Fiddle” in The Indian Express of April 16, 2018 from where the title is referenced.

Click here to read the article

p24 (c) pradeep gopalan


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