One always falters

at the first few lessons:

it is always baby steps

in all enterprises

of knowing and doing

before everything seems

so breezily natural.


Search engines may have

truly saved our time and energy

but don’t always be seduced

by the allure of their quick fixes:

they cannot tell you

how a rose smells –

you have to step out

into the garden yourself.


Skills aren’t mastered

in a day:

most of us may perhaps need

more than Malcolm Gladwell’s

ten thousand hours.

Patience is the handmaiden

of all learning.


The ultimate discovery

in learning  is this:

Not only is a little knowledge

a dangerous thing;

the more one thinks one knows,

one will soon discover

what an ignoramus one is.

True learning

humbles us all

because there is so much to know:

we cannot stop




p19 (c) pradeep gopalan

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