Pay heed

to the signals

the body continually


no one has blindfolded you.



when you are nudged

off and on

by your hoarse voice,

by untimely yawns,

or by tired eyes,

or aches in your joints,

or when pain jabs

your heart

or radiates down

your arms

and the pores

give way to sweat.


Pay attention

to what you are

not eating;

ignore the junk

you have gulped so mindlessly,

and in a hurry.


your food habits:

whether you eat to live

or otherwise

eat only when you are hungry

and embrace

what’s more wholesome.


Don’t sit for long,

climb stairs,

get some fresh air.

smell roses,

walk, run, perspire.


Don’t pass out

in your office

with your shoes and PC on

(no one really cares).

Many things

besides “work”

must engage your attention:

health first,

followed by

several other things

that you always

wanted to do.


When every tomorrow

is something

you look forward to

and not just another day,

you are truly

paying attention.

(No medicines required).


p15 (c) pradeep gopalan





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