Portions of your script

are already embedded in your DNA;

the rest is entirely for you

to improvise

as you are thrust on the stage

where actors and audience

are both performers :

everyone’s role is neatly cut out.

There is no green room for you

to change costumes or rehearse:

think on your feet and play.

Don’t rely on prompters:

most likely they will mislead


The role gets challenging

by the minute, by the hour;

mid-way if you have found

your metier

you can change your role too

(as many others are changing theirs).

If you have stumbled once

you are offered a second chance:

but that’s all you will  have.


Sometimes the lights go out

but they return surely.

By then the stage would have changed

for you to adapt.

All of man’s seven deadly sins

are at full play here:

you needn’t be a sinner or

for that matter a saint.

Trust your instincts

and as the great playwright advised:

To Thine Ownself Be True.

When your time comes

you’ll  just leave: no cues here.

Only make  sure

that you’ll have brought the stage down

with the audience hungry

for an encore.



p14 (c) pradeep gopalan










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