Something has to happen

at the end of a wait.

Milton mused about waiting

six centuries ago while

introspecting about his blindness

and nowadays Buffet

continually exhorts

investors to endure

a long term wait

to realise their bounty.


Lovers ponder with impatience

the sweetness that will ensue

after the waiting ends for

their first rendezvous

even as one of them may

search hard for credible excuses

for turning up late.

Artists are forever in wait

for inspiration to strike

or arrive

knowing well

that creation is

at the summit of waiting.

One has to wait for answers

to  life’s questions,

particularly hard ones,

that even a Google search

may not yield.

Yet, holding the handmaidens

of patience and silence

in life’s waiting rooms

one can witness

how wounds heal,

seasons change,

growth happens or

bad times abate.


Privilege or power

cannot err in testing the patience

of people who are waiting :

chaos will only ensue,

sooner rather than later.

No waiting is essential

to do good or render help

to those who need it:

here one must act impulsively

and without much ado.

Focus on efforts, the Gita says,

don’t be so mindful of results.

Everything happening

or evolving

has a process

time takes care of,

hence do not demand

premature outcomes.


Don’t be so sure

that waiting rooms

at travel stations, hospitals, or offices

will help one endure

the waiting:

carry music or

at least a book with you.

Sometimes, even if the

wait was hopeless ,

it would have been

time well spent.



waiting is all

one can and has to do.


nothing happening

is also an outcome

even when one suspends

the need to wait.



p12 (c) pradeep gopalan







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