Didn’t need the alarm

to rise at five sharp

nor an admonition

to complete the exercises.

The fasting blood sugar was

just lovely and

nothing in the newspapers

left one depressed.

Only got four clues wrong

at yesterday’s crossword,

and the FM was playing

one’s favourite tunes.

Didn’t forget anything

on the errands I ran, and,

the reversing on the parking lot

went perfect

on a single take.


The wife didn’t complain

of a bad hair day or

shoulder pain, and

surprisingly, for

the first time,

the maid rang the doorbell

punctually at eight.

By late afternoon,

the Sensex had tanked

1020 points, on global cues,

as the analyst explained,

and the wonderful mood hitherto

was beginning to wither.

No, I didn’t want the

the world to determine

my state of well-being.

I switched off the telly

and removed Mary Oliver

from the bookshelf

and began reading

The Wild Geese:

it was pure nirvana

and by the time

the sky turned slowly


pleasant surprises


the son was home

by six-thirty.

After a long time

it was a family dinner

at eight.

It’s time now

I think to let you know

really why it was

such a perfect day:

for a change,

one had switched off

the cellphone

quite early at sunrise

just as the vibes

of  a good day

was in the air.



p 11 (c) pradeep gopalan 









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