The daily grid and

the every day grind are

not dissimilar.

False scents and red herrings

are commonplace.

5 across, say, may not align

with 8 down

since one has misread the clues;

comfortable circumstances

do not guarantee happiness.

Nothing comes easy in both:

words have to be unscrambled,

answers staring at one’s face

still remain elusive

and mostly everything

is epigrammatic

or elliptical.

When one steps out

an accident may be

waiting to happen

or a random meeting

changes the future course.


A quick completion of the grid

or what one surmises to be

a perfect day

may result in ennui:

the squares almost rightly filled in

but still incomplete

is the stuff of life as well.

Today’s wrestle is over:

the missing answers

in tomorrow’s newspaper

will show

that one gave a good try.


Every clue is a nugget

akin to a chance

waiting to be responded to.

When every day unfolds like this

one has actually


to look forward to.

Be happy when some clues

have remained  unresolved

or some of life’s questions

are still to be answered.

Next time, someone asks,

how’s life,

just say,

it is a crossword.


p10 (c) pradeep gopalan




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