The log sheets of lawyers,

one suspects,

did not spare good mornings

uttered “without prejudice”

to their clients.

Not to be left behind

consultants also followed suit,

and hourly rates

soon got bench-marked.

Countless others

on a nine to five drudge

mark time routinely,

while eyeing when

the minute hand would

move to 12

after the hour hand

has already rested on 5

as there is a train or

bus that has to be

definitely boarded

and things to be bought

en routeĀ home.


The overhang of time

actually robs one

of spontaneity

even if it

serves a warning

that things to do

are unfailingly,

(perhaps seemingly)

in excess

of the time available.


Let not the finiteness

of time

rob one of mindfulness:

one does need

to tread the path

one always desired

and become

the person

one always wanted

to be.


How much of

what is forbidden or


is now familiar ?

When others place

the last graduation mark

on life’s meter

punctuated by the birthdays

one has survived

there should be no room

for regret.



p9 (c) pradeep gopalan








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