In a hurry,

obsessed with their

Fitbit targets,

nobody noticed

the dismembered remains on the track

of a few earthworms

– some of which were still writhing –

that came under their Pumas, Nikes, Skechers

and a few unnamed sneakers

just as they were oblivious to

the sticky weblike lines

on the jogging track

traced by some invisible crawlers

probably overnight and who

must be

possibly snail like.


As for myself

the soft tinkle on my cellphone

got me past the ablutions

most reluctantly here at 5.30 am

become as it has

a painful necessity

to lower my BMI as equally

as my HB1AC.

Twelve rounds are the limit

of my endurance

and by that time

an hour will have elapsed

but not without partaking

the irony of someone

straining to proclaim

on his sweatshirt

that he is only

Being Human

 tomorrow there will be yet

another absurdity

on another’s chest too –

and the unexplainable fragrance

I inhale each time

as I get past  the parijath tree

which has already mingled

with the signature aftershaves

and deodorants

of the morning regulars.


The numbers slowly increase

as the sunrays get warmer

touching the park’s

open spaces

only for its silence

to be broken by

feeble “Good Mornings”

and robust

“Jai Shri Rams” and “Hari Oms”

as if it were Ayodhya!

Some have already begun

peering into their mobiles

even at their brisk pace

trying to avert

a collision or two.


A couple of frequenters

have already unfurled

their yoga mats

in preparation for suryanamaskar

to be followed by


Somewhere in the distance

from across the fence

peals of laughter float

into the park

alerting a group of

Madan Kataria followers to

be also ready for a full-throated



I am now on my twelfth round

when I espy Bashir Kaka

already settled on his favourite bench

switching on his Walkman-like contraption

releasing his favourite melody for the day

even as a regular asks:

Aaj kaun sa gaana hai ?

This is a signal for me to return

to my flat

and unlock the main door

as noiselessly as I can

picking up the day’s papers

that have already been slapped

on to the door mat

and boil water in

the Russell Hobbs kettle

in preparation for a chai

that will announce to me alone:

yet another day

has properly arrived.




[P2]  (c) pradeep gopalan


  1. Gini Pramod says:

    Wow Pradeep etta … your walk beautifully portrayed on the Walker’s track of the Hiranandani property. Why don’t you pull along Rekha chechi too..


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